Bay Cruises

Sail beautiful Monterey Bay! Daily Bay Cruises, Sunset, Appetizer, Dinner & Private Cruises always available. We sail roughly 8-9 miles out and get to see otters, sea lions, dolphins and whales! Our trips are quiet and intimate with no more than 6-8 passengers aboard our vessels. Enjoy the quiet peace and tranquility of a boat under sail! We offer complimentary wine on all of our cruises as well as food options on our sunset bay cruises. Whatever your sailing dream is let Monterey Bay Sailing help you realize it!

Super Moon Eclipse Cruise

On January 31st Monterey Bay Sailing will be hosting a 3:30 A.M-5:30 A.M cruise to see the Super Blue Blood Moon. During this time the full moon is expected to be 14% larger than previously and will also be eclipsed by the Earth. During this time the moon will take on a deep red hue (similar to looking at Mars) and is an event which has not happened in over 150 years. Complimentary coffee, danishes and other pastries as well as blankets will be provided for this unique lunar event. Please note that we cannot guarantee weather conditions for this event.

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Sunset Cruise and Sunset Appetizer Cruise

Our most-popular and romantic cruise with or without hors d’oeuvres. The appetizer option includes two hors d’oeuvres beginning with brie cheese, sliced pear, red grapes and stone ground crackers, and spicy red pepper humus and whole wheat pita. Sail alongside otters, sea lions, porpoise, and dolphins while watching a gorgeous Monterey Bay sunset with your sweetheart.

Sunset Cruise –$75 adults / $55 children
Sunset Appetizer Cruise –$89 adults / $69 children
Private Sunset Appetizer Cruise – $479
– Additional Passengers (3 to 6) – $30.00/each

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Sunset Dinner Cruise

Four Courses: Start off with refreshments, brie, pear, grapes and stone ground wheat crackers as you tack up the beautiful coastline of Cannery Row to Point Pinos. As we turn downwind, you’ll dive into a Fresh Spinach Salad topped with Cranberries and glazed Walnuts followed by a fresh Monterey Bay grilled salmon entree. Finally, you’ll enjoy chocolate and vanilla macaroons for Dessert!

2 hour Sunset Dinner Cruise – $115 per person
2 hour Private Sunset Dinner Cruise for Two – $499
– Additional Passengers (3 to 6) – $50.00/each

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Private Sunset Bay Cruise

Enjoy a private sunset cruise with up to five additional friends or family members. Sunset sails are beyond breathtaking in beauty and lend themselves to capturing these intense photographic memories of our colorful bay.

2 Hour Private Sunset Bay Cruise –$449


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Private Bay Cruises (Up to 5 Passengers)

“Enjoy a private bay cruise for couples, friends or family. Have the boat and captain to yourself to share the wonders of sailing with your family and friends. Bay Cruises sail from 10:45 am to 5:45pm. To book a private Sunset Cruise from 6:00pm to 8:00pm, please see above (click here).

1 hour Private Bay Cruise (6 passengers) – $249
2 hour Private Bay Cruise (5 passengers) – $399
3 hour Private Bay Cruise (6 passengers) – $499
4 hour Half Day Private Bay Cruise (6 passengers) – $599
Full Day Private Bay Cruise (6 passengers) – $899

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Two Day Private Cruise

For the three day cruise we utilize our largest, most luxurious sailing yacht and would sail up and down the beautiful California Coastline. On our first day we depart at 9 A.M and sail over to Santa Cruz harbor. We would spend an evening exploring the Boardwalk, local restaurants and can anchor at any beach, utilizing our dinghy to access any coastal areas any clients would like to enjoy. On day two we would sail down to the breathtaking Stillwater Cove over by the Pebble Beach, disembark in our tender again and enjoy lunch in the Tap Room overlooking the 18th Hole at Pebble Beach. After lunch we would sail into the center of Monterey Bay and search for humpback whales, enjoy a breathtaking sunset and end our nautical adventure in Monterey Harbor.

Three day cruise for 2-5: 2,295$ +10% gratuity.


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Feast of lanterns Fireworks Sail!

From 8:30-10:30 P.M on Saturday July 29th Monterey Bay Sailing will be hosting a special twilight cruise for our guests interested in viewing the beautiful Feast of Lanterns play and the accompanying fireworks! We will proceed down Cannery Row under motor before anchoring outside of Lovers Point to take in the fireworks show. Join us for this incredible event for the low price of 100$/person for a two hour sailing adventure!

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