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Jeannette – 1989 24ft Double-Ended Carol

Carol is a design by Chuck Pain. This 25ft Carol named “Jeannette” is one of roughly 20 made around the world. She is an all wood, flush-deck, double-ended sloop. Jeannette is equipped with simple and classic controls so every mariner is sure to appreciate her. She has a medium sized cockpit perfect for small groups and family outings. Fans of wood boats will find her a dream to sail!

Half day rental (4 hours)

10:00am – 2:00pm
2:00pm – 6:00pm


Full day rental (8 hours)

10:00am – 6:00pm


Attention: If you have not taken ASA 101 at Sail Monterey, then you are required to do a “bareboat check out” with one of our captains. This is mandatory for all first-time renters, and Sail Monterey reserves the right to “re-test” any renter as they deem fit.

The checkout procedure costs an additional $100 and must be done before your departure. 

In a bareboat check-out, you must safely demonstrate the following skills:

1.     Untie and retie from our mooring balls

2.     Proper use of mechanical systems and rigging

3.     Show that you can safely operate the vessel (e.g. understanding points of sail, raising and lowering the sail)

A USCG licensed Captain employed by Sail Monterey will go over the vessel from stem to stern during a rental check-out. This process will take about an hour and only needs to be completed once. If possible, plan to have your check-out at least one day prior to rental. On the chance you do not meet our standards of bare boating, not to worry we can arrange a skippered charter instead.