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Meet Our Staff


Danny & Andrea-the Owners

Entrepreneurs • World Travelers • Avid Sailors

Danny is a native of California and Andrea is a Bostonian.  Together they have sailed in the Pacific, Atlantic and Caribbean Oceans, the Mediterranean, as well as rivers and lakes up and down the west coast.  If there is a body of water, they figure out how they will get a boat on it!

Danny is a USCG Master Captain, Commercial Pilot, FAA Licensed Drone Pilot, Motorcycle Rider – both street and dirt – and a heartfelt water enthusiast.  Danny loves to share the joys of boating with first timers and experienced sailors alike.  Andrea grew up spending summers boating on Cape Cod with her family and continues to share her love of the water with their two daughters who currently enjoy ski boats more than sailboats.     


Favorite Hobbies: Boating (of course), Wine, Cooking, Traveling, and Learning.


Fun Fact: Danny has raced both motorcycles and airplanes!  Andrea was a voiceover actor and credited with “The Voice of God” on two A&E specials.

Paul Profile

Paul- the Manager

Manager •  Captain • Teacher

Hello Sailors!

My name is Paul, I am the General Manager here at Sail Monterey. I hold a basic OUPV ticket and I am a certified ASA 101 instructor. I love sailing and hugely enjoy my days here in Monterey.  If you have ever wanted to know what it is like to sail a boat, please come see me! Sharing my passion about sailing and teaching others about our bay is what I live for.  Last, I like working with my hands, and I always have at least three unfinished projects at all times. If you like motorcycles, sailing, wildlife, traveling, and half finished projects, come see me at the old fisherman’s wharf! Then of course, come sail with us! 

Dan porter ladies and gentlemen

Dan- the Man

Knot Aficionado • Story Teller • Hat Collector

Dan fell in love with the ocean the moment he first saw it, watching surf roll in on a beach in Oregon, a love strong enough to pull him away from clear lakes and streams in his native Colorado where he spent his formative years with fly rod in hand trying to fool trout.

He moved to California after college, and immediately began to look for ways to get on the water.  He questioned whether he had the instincts of a craftsman required to build a boat, and so picked the simplest design he could find, a plywood dory.  The experience proved that, as a boatbuilder, he was even more incompetent than he thought, and his dory was unique in all the wrong ways.  Despite all of that, Dan launched it, and spent many hours rowing with migrating gray whales in the Santa Barbara Channel.

In the late 1970s he took a basic sailing class through the Coast Guard Auxiliary taught by Harry Davis, a seasoned mariner and boatbuilder.   About the same time, he bought a used plywood skiff to tow behind his VW Bug and joined the rest of the Santa Barbara sailors praying for wind- prayers often not answered.

In the early 1980s he went to work at sea as an ordinary seaman, the lowest rank on the boat, and started working his way up, accumulating time and sitting for Coast Guard tests, first for Able Seaman, then 100-ton operator.  He took his first captain’s job in December 1984 running a triple-screw 100-foot crew boat out of Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche, Mexico.  By the late 1980s Dan held a Master, 1,000-tons, freight and towing license.

In the late 1980s Dan worked running tugs in San Francisco and taught sailing on the side.  When the company where he worked shut down harbor services in San Francisco, he went to Venezuela to run tugs in the Orinoco Delta. After six months he became the port captain for the next 3 years until the operation closed-down after the election of Hugo Chavez.  Following Venezuela, he took assignments in the Arctic and in Trinidad, before moving into salvage and hurricane recovery operations. 

He had the dubious distinction of running from Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf of Mexico aboard a Crowley salvage barge and coming back to his mooring just in time to make tow again and run from Hurricane Rita.  His tendency to attract storms earned him the nickname Hurricane Dan.  Given that, he offered to go to New Zealand for the season and lure the hurricanes south.  Alas, nobody took up the magnanimous offer.

Mariah Lees

Mariah- the Marketer

• Adventurer • Sustainability Advocate

Mariah is our “Jane-of-all-trades” at Sail Monterey as she manages marketing, special events, bookings, and runs the office.  Day to day she may be working with local vineyards or dairies to create a unique Monterey experience for our guests.

Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland and now residing in Monterey, California, Mariah is convinced that HBO’s best TV shows follow in her wake.

She travels to push her physical, emotional, cultural, and culinary boundaries. 
While normally this is a flying success– she has run into a few obstacles.  There was that week she was abandoned on Lake Volta, Ghana to run a hotel by herself.  She also accidentally ended up in a one-mile Guinness World Record race on the Mongolian steppe– she was bareback on a yak and her opponent was hopping in a potato sack.  She won.

She formerly worked and continues to volunteer in development of education and the arts.

Mariah sailed casually as a child in the Chesapeake Bay.  She was deeply afraid of the ocean until the age of twenty when she signed up for a NOLS semester on the Sea of Cortez in Baja, Mexico and learned to properly sail. Since then she has been unable to leave the Pacific Coast.

Guilty Pleasure: 30 Rock reruns, poached eggs with kim chi

Biggest Fear: Mayonnaise

Favorite Part of Job: Global connections and a 360 degree office view!


Jack the prepper

Jack- the Prepper

High School Senior • Fisherman • Comedian

I am 17 years old and a senior at Monterey High School, I was born in Falls Church, Virginia and then moved to Houston, Texas. Despite being in Houston and away from the sea, I fell in love with the ocean and fishing. I have been visiting Monterey for the past 8 years with my family. Being in California was the first time that I really saw the ocean and developed a passion for the sea. Year after year, I continued to go on charter trips in Monterey Bay with Randy’s Fishing Trips, now known as J&M Sportfishing. Recently my family moved to Monterey, and I knew this would be a great fit for me because of my interest in marine life. My hobbies include, “anything that is not school”.  In the fall, I would like to attend California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo to further my interest in business and finance.

I also enjoy traveling. Not only did my family take annual trips to the Monterey area, we went to many different states and countries. I enjoy traveling because I believe through it, I become more open minded. Meeting people of different backgrounds is a cool experience because you realize it is your differences that make you who you are. If I could go anywhere in the world, I would go to Australia. I have thought about visiting Sydney for years now. My dream is to see the Great Barrier Reef.